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Legacy Trail and Venice Waterway Trail Bike Rental

Access The Legacy Trail, and the Venice Waterway Trail from one convenient location.

Two Ways to Reserve:

  • Book online by 8:00 PM the day before (use the form above)
  • Call us at 941-412-3821 by 3:00 PM the day before your ride

The Legacy Trail, and the Venice Waterway Trail can both be accessed from one convenient park. (395 E. Venice Ave.)

From Legacy Park you can ride north up The Legacy Trail, or head south down the Venice Waterway Trail alongside the Intracoastal Waterway.

The City of Venice constructed the park behind the Historic Venice Train Depot in order to improve safety, and access to the two trails. The park includes plenty of year-round parking, restrooms, and cold-water drinking-fountains. 

Entrance to Legacy Park is at 395 East Venice Avenue Venice FL. MAP

Look for a right-hand turn onto Seaboard Avenue from Venice Avenue. The park sign is not well-placed, or readily visible until you make the turn into the park. If you arrive at the Train Depot you have gone one street too far.

Bike Rental and Delivery Process

To book your Legacy Trail and Venice Waterway Trail Bike Rental use the button above, or call the reservation-line at 941-412-3821 between 9AM and 3PM to reserve your bikes for tomorrow, or future dates.

Get your bike rentals in Venice Florida for The Legacy Trail, and the Venice Waterway Trail.

Bike Rental Process and Unattended Delivery:

  • Use our online-form to make a booking at least one day before, or by calling the bike-shop phone at 941-412-3821. (9 to 5, 7/Days a week)
  • Bikes are delivered to Legacy Park by 9:00 AM and locked in the bike-rack near the main restroom-building in the middle of the park. You do not need to be present. Arrive at a time that is convenient for you.
  • At delivery you will receive a text with picture showing your bikes, along with the combination to the lock. The bike-shop phone number will also be included. Take your locks with you on your ride so that you can lock up your bikes if they are out of your sight at any time.
  • At the end of your ride ride lock your bikes in the rack. Give us a call at the bike-shop number, or reply to the delivery-text to let us know that you have returned. No need to wait for pickup. Be back by 5PM. (During the winter-season it is starting to get dark at that time of day, and our bikes do not have lights.  Also, riding on the Legacy Trail after dark is not permitted by Sarasota County.)
Legacy Trail and Venice Waterway Trail Bike Rental
Look for the Authentic Venice Bikes "Shadow-Delivery" Hi-Sign

How to Ride The Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail and Venice Waterway Trail Bike Rental Restroom Facility at Legacy Park
Restroom-Building in Legacy Park

After claiming your bikes from one of the bike-racks in front of the main restroom-building, ride through the parking-lot away from the entrance you drove in and you will find the beginning of The Legacy Trail. 

At this time the contiguous section of the trail runs from Legacy Park to Clark Road. There is no bridge over Clark Road (about 12 miles north of Legacy park). Should you have any type of mechanical trouble while on the trail (which is extremely rare owing to the fact that our bikes are well-maintained by a pro bike mechanic) be aware that we can’t assist you if you are further north than Clark Road. 

A popular short-ride is to go north until you cross the two bay bridges (Donna Bay, and Robert’s Bay) and turn around. If you go all the way to the end of the contiguous section of the trail at Clark Road visit the Culverhouse Nature Park. A medium-length ride would be to turn around at the back-entrance of Oscar Scherer Park.

Sarasota County continues to improve the Legacy Trail. In addition to several shaded rest-stop pavilions they have installed self-serve bike-maintenance stations.

How to Ride the Venice Waterway Trail

Legacy Trail and Venice Waterway Trail Bike Rental

To ride the Venice Waterway Trail pickup your bikes in the rack near the main restroom building in the middle of Legacy Park. This is the same location where we deliver bike rentals for people wanting to ride The Legacy Trail.

From the restroom-building go under the Venice Avenue bridge near the stairs that go from ground-level up to the bridge. You will see the Venice Waterway Trail access. Use caution crossing the boat-launch road that is near the entrance to the Train Depot because Sarasota Country uses the old Depot as a bus-terminal.

You can ride about five miles down to Shamrock Park on the mainland side of the Intracoastal. Enter the park and visit the nature museum, and get drinking water, and find the restrooms.

The island-side is about the same length of trail, but use the southern-most (and safest) bridge (Circus Bridge) to cross over to the island-side of the trail. Once you get on the other side you can go north into downtown, or pedal down to Caspersen Park and Beach.

CANCELLATION POLICY: To receive a refund for a cancellation you must contact us at least 24 hours before your scheduled delivery. If you wish to cancel and receive a store credit for a future date you must contact us by 3PM the day before your ride. If your bikes are delivered and THEN you wish to cancel, there is no refund, nor any future credit.