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Adult Trike sales and assembly in the VENICE Florida area

We now offer adult trike sales and assembly (through our Amazon, and Walmart affiliate links.) Your trike is assembled from new-in-the-box. This popular option is for people who purchase bikes or trikes online and have them shipped to their address.

Here are the steps:

  • Order your bike online from Amazon, or Walmart
  • Have it shipped to your address
  • Call us to schedule pickup (941) 412-3821
  • A professional bike mechanic will assemble your trike
  • We return it to you (usually the next day)

We started offering this service because (like many other bike shops) it is quite difficult to get bulk-orders of new bikes and trikes from manufacturers these days. However, several of our regular customers reported that they had good results shopping for adult trikes online at Amazon, and Walmart, and were looking to us for professional assembly.

Based on that info we can recommend that if you are looking for adult trike sales and assembly check out the Schwinn Meridian on Amazon, and Walmart. Single-Speed, 3-Speed, and 7-Speed trikes are available in a wide variety of color, and price. You can use the affiliate-link below to get started on the Amazon website, and, and then browse around through the different trike selections.

After you place your order online be sure to have the trike shipped to your address. When the trike arrives call us to arrange an appointment for pickup and we’ll come get it. We’ll take it to the same facility where we maintain our rental-fleet in Venice, Florida, and put it together for a fee. When we’re done (usually by the next day) we’ll give you a call to arrange a time for delivery of your trike back to you. The rider of the trike will need to be present so that we can adjust the seat and handlebars for a proper fit. 

There is no substitute for an expert sales-person, but we think that there is some economy to be had by buying a trike online and having it put together by a pro. Something else to keep in mind is that if you are just starting to do your research about trikes you can always rent one from us to see if it’s your cup of tea. This will permit you to determine if a trike is right for you based on any knee, hip, or balance issues you may have. 

Generally, the standard adult trike form-factor features one wheel in front, and two wheels in back. Once you’ve ridden one you’ve got a pretty good idea how they handle. We can also still get the Trailmate DeSoto Classic trikes from the manufacturer, but with a greater delay on shipping. Call us if you are interested in purchasing one through us.  (941) 412-3821.

We have added an affiliate-link below that will open a secure product page at the Amazon website. You are actually leaving our website and going to theirs. If you happen to purchase a trike through the link it will generate a 3% commission for us, but does not add to the price of your trike purchase. This allows us to keep the cost of your trike assembly to a reasonable rate.  But don’t feel obligated to buy one through our website. Feel free to shop independently by not using the link below, and simply starting out at the Amazon website and searching for adult trikes. (Affiliate links to the Schwinn Meridian on the Walmart website will be coming soon to this same page.)

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike, Three Wheel Cruiser Bike, Multiple Speeds, 26-Inch Wheels, Cargo Basket, Multiple Colors