Venice Florida Bike Rental and Repair Service

Venice Florida Bike Rental and Repair Service

Our Service Model
We've been renting and repairing bikes, trikes, and recumbents in Venice Florida for a long time. Many of our customers can recall when we were back in the old Rialto Shopping Center. Those were the good old days when you had three mechanics at your service and you could get a flat fixed in about five minutes while you waited. These days we've taken the idea of 'no -waiting' to another level. Now we do everything by mobile, including free-delivery and pickup on the rentals, and mobile repair service performed right at your door.

Our Goal
We miss that big old building, but we still get up every day and set out to prove that we are the best possible bike rental and repair experience that you can get. Our rental-rates have stayed the same for many years. And our shop labor-rates haven't changed either. We keep our prices competitive, even in a booming market, because offering economy to our customers is a matter of principle.

Our Bikes
Our bikes are maintained by our owners, who are also expert bike mechanics. Our bikes are aluminum so that they are strong and light. We don't have any single-speed bikes in our fleet. Good luck riding a single-speed in our area. Because here at the shop we have a saying, "We don't have hills, but we do have wind!" You'll wish like heck that you had some easier gears to shift to when heading home into a big headwind. Choose from Street-Cruisers, Hybrids, Tandems, and Recumbents. Yep, they all have gears.

Serving Venice Florida, Nokomis, Casey Key, Manasota Keys, and parts of Englewood and Osprey.

CALL for rental or repairs: 941-412-3821

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Test Ride an Adult Trike

We sell adult trikes at our factory discounted price. But if you aren't sure if you are ready for one you can always rent one, or come to the shop to test ride an adult trike. One of the things that happens to us as we age is that we tend to develop some balance issues. If you are at that point and still love cycling, maybe it's time for an adult trike. Rent one for a day to see if an adult trike is right for you. (We also have recumbent trikes!)

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Rent a Recumbent Bike or Trike in Venice Florida

Rent a Recumbent Bike in Venice Florida. Recumbent Bike for rent. Image copyright © 2016At Venice Bikes and Trikes we love to ride recumbents. We now offer recumbent rental in Venice Florida so that you can zip around town like us! Years ago when you could ride the Venice bike trail and the Legacy Trail and not see another recumbent. These days you are almost guaranteed to see one on the trails. They are easy to ride and are much more comfortable than a regular bicycle.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 Season we will offer them for rent so that you can get a taste of what "riding a bent" is all about.

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Flat Tires from Sandspurs

At Venice Bikes and Trikes one of the reasons we caution people to stay on the sidewalks and bike trails when riding one of our rental bikes is because 'everything in Florida has teeth', even the grass. If you've ever stepped on a sand-spur, you know what we're talking about. Not only is that little thorn as sharp as a needle, it is quite capable of drilling right into your tire and puncturing your inner-tube. Most of the flats we fix are due to puncture from sandspurs, but there are some things you can do to minimize their impact on your riding.


Bike Rental Rates

Basic Adult Bikes & Trikes Day Week Month
Hybrid, or 7-speed Street-Cruiser) (Teens and young adults riding adult bikes must be present at time of delivery.) $23 $60 $190
Adult Trikes $35 $85 $290
Tandem Bikes $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Bikes & Trikes Day Week Month
Recumbent Tandem $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Bike $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Trike $50 $85 $290
Stuff for Kids Day Week Month
Kids Bikes (children must be present at time of delivery) $18 $40 $80
Child-Trailer $20 $40 $140
Baby Seat (Attached to rental bike only) $30 $30 $90
Car Rack $15 $30 $90