Mobile-Only Rentals & Onsite Repair Service

Venice Beach/Island, Nokomis, SW Osprey/Casey-Key, NW Englewood/Manasota Key




MOBILE-ONLY bike rental and repair in VENICE FLORIDA.

Rental-Delivery and Onsite Repair Service-Area:

Venice Beach, Nokomis, Casey Key, Manasota Key, NW Englewood, SW Osprey, and most of Venice.

Excellent personalized service, and competitive rates for bike rentals and repairs. Use the BOOK RENTALS button to check our rates. Best of all, we come to you.

  • Adult bikes and trikes
  • 2-wheeled, and 3-wheeled recumbents
  • child-trailers
  • Includes locks, helmets, baskets if desired.

Free delivery and pickup if you are in our service-area. Check the SERVICE-AREA (map) button at the top of the page.

Rent bikes for overnight by the Day/Week/Month

Overnight Rentals
An Overnight Rental is any rental period from one day up to 31 days. Bikes are delivered in our SERVICE AREA (map) in the morning of your first rental date between 9AM and Noon, and are picked up on the morning _after_ your last full day of rental. There is no set delivery-time. We get them to you ASAP.

Call the Reservations Line at 941-412-3821 daily between 9AM and 3PM if you wish to book over the phone.

In-Season, versus Off-Season
The “Season” in the greater Venice Florida area is generally from mid-November to mid-April. During that time Same-Day Service may not be available. Book your bike rentals well in advance to insure availability.

Cancellation Policy:
A full refund is available if we are notified 24-hours before the morning of your delivery date.  A store credit is available if you notify us by 6PM the night before your delivery-date. You can do this by voicemail. No refund or store-credit if you cancel after the bikes have been delivered.

Rent bikes for the two local trails (Legacy,Trail, and Venice Waterway Trail)

Both of the local trails can be accessed from Legacy Park.

The Legacy Trail is at the north end of the Legacy Park parking lot. From the vicinity of the main restroom-building in the middle of the park look in the opposite direction of the park entrance and you will find the Legacy Trail access-point to the north. From that trailhead a very short section of the trail also heads south beside the train depot, and ends before you get to the boat-ramp road. From there you can also see the entrance to the Venice Trail access-point under the bridge.

The Venice Waterway Trail access is under the Venice Avenue Bridge, near the street-entrance to the old Historic Venice Train Depot. From the bike-racks by the main restroom-building in the middle of the park, look across the boat-ramp road and you will see the access-point under the bridge, near the end of the train depot closest to the road.

Mobile Bike Repair Service

We are a mobile service-company, and offer onsite bike repair service in Venice Florida. Also serving Venice Beach, Nokomis, SW Osprey, Manasota Key and Casey Key. We maintain a large fleet of rental bikes. Keeping yours in good shape is no problem.

Flats and other simple repairs performed onsite at your location. For more complex bicycle repairs we take your bike to the shop where we keep the bike rental fleet, and return it to you when done.

Call us to schedule your onsite bike repair appointment. We can often serve you the same day, but during the Season (November thru April) call us to schedule an appointment for a future date and time that is convenient to you. (941) 412-3821

Bike Rental and Repair in Venice Florida

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