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Venice Beach/Island, Nokomis, SW Osprey/Casey-Key, NW Englewood/Manasota Key



Overnight Bike Rental in Venice Florida

Bike Rental in Venice Florida

Overnight Bike Rental in Venice Florida, Venice Beach, Casey Key, Manasota Key, south Osprey, northwest Englewood

(Call us for booking by the month: 941-412-3821)

We are a mobile-only service company. Our Free-Delivery and onsite-Service Area has changed. Be sure to check the Service Area Map before placing an online order, or calling for service. Or call the Reservations-Line at 941-412-3821.

We are no longer able to serve Gran Paradiso, Grand Palm, Island Walk, or West Villages.

Note: During Booking you can mix, or match between Comfort-Cruisers, and Hybrids

How to Book Rentals for Overnight by the Day, Week, or Month

An OVERNIGHT rental is any rental period from one day up to 31 days. Bikes are delivered to you for your use until the end of the rental period. We deliver rentals in the morning of your first rental date between 9AM and Noon. There is no set delivery-time. We get them to you ASAP.

We pickup the bikes on the day after your last full day of rental.

Call the Reservations Line at 941-412-3821 daily between 9AM and 3PM if you wish to book over the phone. 

The “Season” in the greater Venice Florida area is generally from mid-November to mid-April. During that time Same-Day Service may not be available. Book your bike rentals well in advance to insure availability. 

Cancellation Policy: A full refund is available if we are notified 24-hours before the morning of your delivery date.  A store credit is available if you notify us by 6PM the night before your delivery-date. You can do this by voicemail. No refund or store-credit if you cancel after the bikes have been delivered. 

Bike Delivery and Pick-Up Process

Bikes are delivered to a residential address, condo, or lodging. We do not deliver overnight bike rentals to random locations. You must have a proper address, and the bikes must be stored there for the duration of the rental period. 

On the morning of your first day of rental your bikes will be locked up securely at the address you specified in your booking. You will receive a text-message with a picture of the bikes in that location. The text will also contain the combination to the locks. 

You are responsible for keeping the bikes secure for the duration of the rental period. When traveling around the area on your bike always take your lock with you and secure the bike whenever it is out of your view.

On the day after your last full day of rental secure your bikes in the location where you first received them or call us to let us know that you have positioned them in an alternate secure location at the property. 

For most adult bikes it is not necessary for you to be present. The only adjustment on these bikes is the seat-height.

For adult trikes, recumbents, or kids bikes we expect the rider to be present at the time of delivery so that adjustments can be made for the rider-size. As we progress through our delivery process. 

Our Bikes


Free-Delivery in our service-area.
Bikes will arrive ASAP between 9AM and Noon.

Our Comfort Cruisers feature wider seats and an upright riding-position. Perfect for sight-seeing along the Venice Trail, or Legacy Trail, pedaling  around town, or going back and forth to the beaches.

The 65-PSI street-tires have a low rolling-resistance which makes our bikes easy to pedal. All of our bikes are intended to be used on paved surfaces.

7-Speeds is the right number of gears to keep you moving along, even on a windy day. “We don’t have hills, but we do have wind!”

Top-bar frames are good for taller riders, between 5’10 and 6’2.  This frame-style is sometimes called a mans-frame. 

Step-through frames are good for riders between 5’1 and 5’9 inches tall. This frame is often called a woman’s-frame.

Trailers, Kids Bikes, and Adult Trikes can be added to this package. Complimentary Safety-Helmets, and Front-Baskets are available.

Use the BOOK BY DAY/WEEK button to check our rates.

25/Day, 75/Week, 205/Month

Mens 7-Speed Comfort Cruiser
Top-Bar Comfort Bike
Womens 7-Speed comfort Cruiser
Step-Through Comfort Bike
  • Upright Riding Position
  • Front & Rear Handbrakes
  • 65-PSI Street-Tires
  • Wider Seats
  • 7-Speeds

(Images are examples of frame-style. Your bike may differ in color or brand.)