Venice Waterway Park Trail

Venice Waterway Park Trail, (also known as the Venice Bike Trail.)

The Venice Waterway Park Trail runs along both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) that divides the island of Venice from the mainland part of the City of Venice Florida. On the southernmost end of the mainland side of the trail is Shamrock Park. The trail runs north from the park toward the Historic Venice Train Depot, and connects to the southern end of The legacy Trail. At the southernmost end of the trail on the island side of the ICW is Caspersen Park. From Caspersen the Venice Waterway Park Trail runs north along the canal and terminates near the north bridge over US 41. (Contrary to rumors, the Venice Trail does not circumnavigate around the perimeter of Venice Island.) Both Shamrock Park, and Caspersen park are favorite delivery locations of our bike rental customers.

Shamrock Park & Nature Center Rental Bike Delivery Location

(3900 Shamrock Drive, Venice Florida) The park has a large playground, tennis courts, restrooms, cold-water drinking-fountains, picnic-pavilions, nature trails, and an excellent nature-museum. Plenty of parking is available year-round. From anywhere on the Legacy Trail you can bicycle to Shamrock Park simply by pedaling South. Be aware that this park has daylight operational hours, and that they close the entrance gate at night. If you drive to the park be aware that car can become locked in the park if you do not leave before closing time! Check with Sarasota County for times of operation.Entrance sign pointing in to Shamrock Park from the Venice Waterway Park Trail

Shamrock to Sarasota and Back (20+ mile loop)

Start at Shamrock Park Delivery Location

If you plan to rent a bike from us and want to ride a nice 20-mile round trip loop our Shamrock Park delivery location is a great place to start and finish. From Shamrock pedal north toward the Historic Venice Train Depot where you can connect with the Legacy Trail. Then take The Legacy Trail north toward Sarasota. After passing the depot you'll cross the pedestrian bridge, pass by patriot's park, cross the bridges over Donna Bay and Robert's Bay, and several miles later you will reach the end of the Legacy Trail just south of Clark Road in Sarasota. There are a few roads to cross, with clearly marked crossings, but you will never have to drive alongside any roads. Nevertheless, always be mindful of your surroundings and use common sense when cycling on the Legacy Trail and the Venice Bike Trail.

Caspersen Park & Beach Bike Rental Delivery Location

The Caspersen area is on the island side of the Intracoastal Waterway, directly on the Gulf of Mexico. The beach itself is the southernmost of the several beaches between there and Venice Beach to the north. During the Summer Caspersen Park has plenty of car-parking, but it can get crowded during The Season, (November through March) because of the additional visitors going to the beach. But even during the season you should be able to find some parking in the back of the park, which conveniently, is right next to the southernmost end of the Venice Waterway Park Trail. The park facilities have recently been upgraded, and include improved restroom facilities, pavilions, and parking.

The Caspersen Loop (5+ mile loop)

Start at Caspersen Park Delivery Location

We have recently added Caspersen Park and Beach to our list of bike rental delivery locations. Start out at Caspersen Park and head north on the Venice Waterway Park Trail. Turn left on Airport Road. Follow Airport Road to Harbor Drive, then left, and head south along the Gulf. When you get to Caspersen Beach pass through from the beach to the park, and you'll be back at your vehicle.

Start at Airport Approach Road Delivery Location

Many of our customers prefer to have us bring their rental bikes to our Airport Approach Road delivery location, which is a few miles away near U.S. 41. From there you pedal south along the Intracoastal Waterway toward Caspersen. At the south end, pass through the park and you will reach Harbor Drive that runs north and south alongside the Gulf of Mexico. Follow the road north toward Venice, then turn right on Airport Road and you'll be headed back toward the airport Approach delivery location. From whatever delivery location, or direction that you want to pedal, this is a nice little loop of approximately 5 miles. The rustic-looking and primitive landscape along the Venice Bike Trail section of the trail looks similar to how Florida looked like forty years ago, and you may see mullet jumping in the water, turtles and bobcats crossing the trail, and Ospreys and Bald Eagles in the trees.

Ride Your Rental Bike Safely

Be aware that except for the bike trail section, you are traveling along roads with other traffic. Both Airport Road, and most of Harbor Drive, have bike lanes. However, the section of Harbor right alongside the Gulf does not. The speed limit is 15 MPG, and people are accustomed to seeing bikes in that area, but use common sense. Ride single file. Stay to the right. Act like a car. Never ride in sand.