Test Ride an Adult Trike

Test Ride an Adult Trike

Trikes are safe, very handy, and just plain fun to ride. We sell adult trikes at our factory-discount rate. (Call us for our special price: 941-412-3821). If you've never been on one you can also test ride an adult trike for a day, or rent one for a day to see if an adult trike is for you. If you decide to purchase an adult trike your rental amount is deducted from the price. Just like our free delivery of all rental bikes in our service area, we will also deliver your trike purchase for free.

Call (941) 412-3821 and make a reservation to make an appointment to test ride an adult trike, or to arrange for a trike rental. Our rental rate for an adult trike is $35 per day, or $85 per week, and that comes with a helmet and a bike-lock, and as always, Free Delivery and Pickup.

Some people can decide in just a few minutes of riding whether or not a trike is what they want. If you plan to come to the shop to test ride an adult trike set aside at least an hour so that we can make all the necessary adjustments. Getting the seat height and handlebar position is key to a comfortable ride. Once we get your test-trike dialed-in we can make note of the various adjustments so that we can transfer them to the adult trike we order for you. All adult trikes are ordered the same day, and usually assembled and deliverd to your residence within a couple of days.

For lots of folks the first step is to owning one of these babies is to test ride an adult trike.

Call soon before the Winter Season begins (November) so that we can be sure to have an adult trike available to test ride. We have many, but they get rented out quickly!Getting one ready for the next customer to test ride an adult trike