Rent a Recumbent Bike or Trike in Venice Florida

Rent a Recumbent Bike or Trike in Venice Florida

Rent a Recumbent Bike or Trike in Venice Florida. Recumbent Bike for rent. Image copyright © 2016For years all of us at the shop have ridden recumbent bikes. Now you can rent a recumbent bike or trike in Venice Florida. Here are just three of the several reasons that we like them so much:

  • Recumbent bikes tend to have a lower center of gravity due to a lower fixed-seat position. In order to get a good leg-extension on one of our standard men's street-cruisers the seat is adjustable up and down roughly between 30 and 36 inches. However, on our rebumbent bikes the seat is a fixed height from the ground, but the distance from the pedals is adjustable by sliding the seat along the frame. The result is a comfortable leg-extension while maintaining a lower riding position.>/li>
  • Recumbent seats offer excellent back support. People often joke that the seat on some recumbents looks like a lawn chair. For us, the lawn-chair joke conjures the image of leaning back and relaxing at a back-yard bar-b-que. So we'll happily admit to the superior comfort-level associated with riding recumbents. But there are other high-performance distinctions related to recumbent seats. For example, while road-bike riders do have the option of grasping their handlebars and pulling their hips down into the seat in order to get more power to the crank, they really can only rely on gravity of their bodies pumping up and down on the pedals.  However, on a recumbent you have all the power that your legs can possibly generate pumped directly into the pedals by your legs, while your hips are braced against the back of the upright seat. This is just one of the many reasons that recumbent bikes hold human-powered speed records.
  • Heads-up riding position. This is also called the view-angle and refers to the straight-forward view of the environment offered to recumbent riders that results in a greater appreciation of scenery, as well as visibility of vechicle traffic. While this benefit becomes more apparent when compared to the forward-leaning, down-looking riding position of road-bikes, we should mention that all of our standard street-cruiser bikes, and most of our hybrid bikes also have an excellent upright riding position.


Rent a Recumbent Bike or Trike in Venice Florida. Recumbent Trike for rent. Image copyright © 2016Looking to rent a recumbent bike or trike in Venice Florida? Here are a couple of tips:

Recumbents cost more, and rent for more. Because of their specialty nature recumbent bikes are not manufactured in the same numbers as other bikes, and they are also more highly engineered than their regular two-wheeled cousins. It's not uncommon for recumbent bikes to range in price from $800 to over $5000 depending on style and materials. The bottom line for us is that because of this cost our rental rate for recumbents is higher than our standard rate for regular two-wheeled bikes. But then again, the riding-experience is higher as well. 

Learning to ride a recumbent has a bit of a learning-curve, but it's worth it!  Jumping on one of our recumbents is like getting on a Harley. But if you've never ridden one before you certainly wouldn't just take off out of the parking-lot without some instruction. Because we love recumbents so much there is hardly anything more satisfying than to be the first to introduce someone to the joys of riding one. Basically, we start you out on a recumbent trike to let you get the sense of the riding position and where the controls and handlebars are. After a short test-ride you are ready to hop on one of the two-wheeled recumbents and take off. Of course, if you are an experienced recumbent rider all we really need to do is make a few seat adjustments and off you go.

You have to give it back to us! We know that riding a recumbent is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and that once you get the hang of it you will be hooked. But you simply have to give it back at the end of the rental period. We don't sell them, but we can definitely direct you to where you can purchase, and at the very least we can give you some sound advice on where to get more info about recumbent riding.

So if you're ready to rent a recumbent bike or trike in Venice Florida give us a call. We have several in our rental fleet!

Call us at 941-412-3821 to make a rental-reservation. We offer free delivery and pickup in Venice, Nokomis, Casey Key, The Legacy Trail, Venice Trails, Manasota Key, and Englewood.