Phone-Hours: 9AM-3PM

Bike Rental and Onsite Repairs: 9AM-Noon

Serving Venice Beach, Nokomis, Casey Key, Manasota Key, NW Englewood, SW Osprey, and most of Venice Florida

Yes. Booking dates are inclusive. For overnight bookings by the day/week/month every day between, and including  the start-date and the end-date are full rental days. We pick up bikes on the morning of the day after your last full day of rental.

For Trail Rentals we deliver and pick up on the same day.

Probably not. A grayed-out item or date indicates that there is no availability. We rarely get a cancellation. There have been a few over the years that were due to illness, or travel delays, but none have ever been related to local inclement weather here in Venice. We use the same reservation-system that you see online. So if you don’t see it, it’s not available. 

No. We don’t list kids bikes for the local trails because the trail-environment can be somewhat challenging for children. Both of the local trails are used heavily by adult riders on road-bikes, electric-bikes, inline-skaters, and pedestrians. Even though the trails are fairly wide, and the speed-limit is 15 MPH, it is very common to have people fly past slower-moving users. Kids being kids, and still learning to concentrate, could easily move into the path of another rider. 

The Venice Waterway Trail is more suited for kids because it doesn’t cross any roadways, but it is only 4 or 5 feet wide, and was basically constructed on top of the ground, rather than down into it as you would expect from a sidewalk. As a result, a lot of the trail has a drop-off at the edge of the concrete.

Our advice to people with kids younger than about 12 years old, avoid the public trail systems, and maybe keep to the safer streets of your neighborhoods.

Uh, not just “NO!” but “H-E Double Toothpick NO”! Be back to the delivery-location by 5PM. But good one!

No. Unless you ride the Pyrenees on a regular basis, or can use The Force, ‘In much dust left will you be, young Skywalker.’

No problem, as long as it’s under 50 pounds, and it doesn’t scratch the windows while trying to escape.

No. Those are generically called a Tag-A-Long. And while they may be safe for use at home when they are always attached to the same adult bike, we feel that it is inherently unsafe to keep detaching and reattaching one to lots of different bikes in a rental-fleet. However, we do have some 20-inch kids bikes with 6-speeds, and handbrakes that generally fit an 8 or 9 year old.

No. We don’t offer lights as an option. We have installed some on a case-by case basis, but night-riding requires a greater cycling-experience level than what most of our casual bike-riders have. So, we discourage riding our bikes at night.