Test Ride an Adult Trike

Trikes are safe, very handy, and just plain fun to ride. But if you've never been on one maybe you want to give one a test ride for a few days to see if a trike will fill the bill.

Call (941) 412-3821 (CLICK HERE to call from your Mobile.) and make a reservation for a trike rental. Our rental rate for an adult trike is $35 per day, or $85 per week, and that comes with a helmet and a bike-lock, and as always, Free Delivery and Pickup.

If you think you can decide in just a few minutes of riding whether or not a trike is what you want, we can bring one by for a test-ride, and then we can order one for you. After assembly we'll deliver it to your residence and adjust it to fit you just right. (In this case, please be serious about wanting to buy a trike from us. We love spending time with customers, but it is our hope that after we invest time with you that you won't simply go out and buy a trike at Walmart.)

Call soon before the 2017 Season begins and all our trikes get rented out!

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