Ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida

Ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida

If you are looking to ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida and are coming from the general direction of Sarasota or points north we recommend Oscar Scherer Park as a great place to start out. Oscar Scherer Park is officially in the town of Osprey, and it's also a good choice if you are coming to the area by Interstate I-75.

Entering Oscar Scherer Park
Access to numerous trail-head locations make it easy to ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida. Two of our favorite places to start from are Oscar Scherer Park in the north section, or Legacy Park which is directly adjacent to the Historic Venice Train Depot at the southern end of the trail. Once you arrive at the park and pay the $5-per-car entry fee, drive straight in to the back. You will encounter what looks basically like a dirt road, but no worries, it's packed down pretty hard and you are not going to get stuck, and you will find lots of open parking year-round. The back end of Oscar Scherer Park (WEBSITE) (opens new window) is part of the Florida State Park system (WEBSITE) (opens new window) and is connected directly to The Legacy Trail. From the Oscar Scherer Park trail-head there is less trail to the north than there is to the south so hang a right onto the trail and head south toward Venice. The first landmark you will encounter is the overpass for Highway 681, followed shortly by the crossing at Laurel Road.


Laurel Road Crossing ride the legacy trail in venice floridaCrossing Laurel Road
Laurel Road is also one of our bike rental delivery locations. Use care when crossing and be sure to let the traffic stop at the light. (Note: The county feels like this crossing warrants a pedestrian overpass, to be built in the near future. These types of improvements are very expensive to do which is just one more sign that folks in our area recognize this trail to be a a first-class attraction and worthy of continuous improvement.) Yyou will notice that the old railroad crossing mechanism and guard rails have been preserved and are still in place. This is a reminder to us that this bike trail was once a railroad. The railroad facilitated the growth of the area by hauling out various local commodities such as turpentine and lumber, and by bringing in the students of the Kentucky Military Institute every year. The Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Baily Circus animals were also brought down this rail line to spend the winter in Florida.

Donna Bay and Robert's Bay Bridges
Next up are the two bridges that cross the bays. Bring your camera/phone as there are several lookouts where you can pull over and gawk at the crabs while just generally sighing at the beauty of the thing. These two bridges are complete replacements of the old rail bridges that used to be there, and are flat, and close to the water-level. You may get a unique sensation from being out in the middle of the bay on a bicycle.

Patriot's Park and the Pedestrian Bridge
911 Memorial Monument in Patriot's Park in Venice Florida. Copyright 2008The next significant landmark south is the pedestrian bridge over US Highway 41.  But just before that on your right-hand side is Patriot's Park. There is no official exit from the trail to get to the park, but you can cross a shallow drainage ditch and use the parking-lot of the Hampton Inn to get to Patriot's. Or, hang a right onto the sidewalk just before you get to the Pedestrian Bridge and you can circle around to Patriot's. Look for the 911 Memorial Monument once you get there.

Ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida over the pedestrian bridge.

Cross the Pedestrian Bridge over US Hiway 41 and now you are in the vicinity of shopping and a number of restaurants. Continue a couple of hundred yards south of the pedestrian bridge and The Legacy Trail terminates at the Historic Venice Train Depot. Directly behind the train station is Legacy Park, which is an excellent launching point and one of our favorite rental bike delivery locations if you're looking to ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida. Restrooms and water-fountains are available as well as lots of parking year-round.




Historic Venice Train Depot



You can rent a bike to ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida and have it delivered to you in the morning and picked up on the same day in the afternoon. We can deliver rental bikes to day-ride customers at any of our trail-side delivery locations along the Venice Bike Trail and The Legacy Trail, but til, and Shamrock Park in the south section of the Venice Bike Trail (aka. Venetian Waterway Park Trail). Because they are in opposite directions from each other, it's a simple matter to ride from one park to the other for scenic day ride.

If you are mobile you can CLICK to CALL US at: 941-412-3821 to make a rental-reservation. We offer free delivery and pickup in Nokomis, Venice, and Englewood.