Bike Rental Rates

Basic Adult Bikes & Trikes Day Week Month
Hybrid, or 7-speed Street-Cruiser) $23 $60 $190
Adult Trikes $35 $85 $290
Tandem Bikes $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Tandem $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Bike $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Trike $50 $85 $290
Kids Bikes $18 $40 $80
Child-Trailer $20 $40 $140
Baby Seat (Attached to rental bike only) $30 $30 $90
Car Rack $15 $30 $90

Bike Trike and Recumbent Rental in Venice Florida, Casey Key, Manasota Key, Nokomis, Englewood

Hybrid Bikes

Upright, and Semi-upright riding positions. Slightly narrower seats. Up to 23 gears. Best for full-length trail-riding, longer-distance touring, and complete routes of local trails.

Street Cruisers

Upright riding position. Wider seats. Seven gears. Best for comfortable cruising of local trails and roads along the beaches.

Recumbent Bikes

Two-Wheel, and Three-Wheel Recumbents. Prior recumbent riding experience is recommended.

For Kids

Kids Bikes for all ages.

Trailers: Attaches to your bike or ours and is towed behind. Two kids, up to 80 pounds total.

Child-Seats: Attaches to the main frame of our adult rental bikes only. Your child is sitting directly behind you.


Call to Reserve Your Bikes in Venice, Casey Key, Nokomis, or parts of Osprey and Englewood: (941) 412-3821