Bike Trails Near Venice Florida (The Venice Waterway Trail, and The Legacy Trail)

There are two main bike trails near Venice Florida. The trail in the vicinity of Venice runs along both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Its official name is The Venetian Waterway Park Trail, but most folks call it the Venice Trail. For most of its length the Venice Trail is a double-wide sidewalk beside the canal. None of it crosses any road, so the Venice Trail is best suited for groups who also have young riders with them.

The other bike trail near Venice Florida is The Legacy Trail, converted from an old railroad line. The Legacy Trail begins on mainland Venice at the Train Depot and runs north toward Sarasota. This trail is well-maintained asphalt paving, and about ten feet wide. Currently it crosses four roads. Colonia Lane, Laurel Road, Central Sarasota Parkway, and Palmer Ranch Parkway. A pedestrian overpass under construction at Laurel Rd will one day permit users to cross over the road. There is currently a detour marked by signs at the crossing. Select a link below to find out more detailed info about each trail.

Venice Waterway Trail (Mainland, and Island sections)

The Legacy Trail (Venice mainland to Osprey)


Image of Ladies Street Cruiser rental bike on one of the bike trails near venice florida
Lady's Street Cruiser Rental Bike on The Legacy Trail ©2014