Bike Trails Near Venice Florida

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The two main bike trails near Venice Florida are the Venetian Waterway Park Trail (also known as the Venice Bike Trail), and The Legacy Trail. On the Island side of the Intracoastal Waterway the Venice Bike Trail runs from Caspersen Park in the South up to just north of Tampa Avenue. While it is certainly possible to ride all around the permimter of Venice island using a combination of bike trail and low-tracffic roads the Venice Trail itself does not circumnavigate around the island of Venice. Over on the mainland side of the Intracoastal Waterway the Venice bike trail connects with The Legacy Trail at the historic Venice Train Depot and runs south down to Shamrock Park. Both in the island side and the mainland side you are riding next to the waterway.

The Legacy Trail also begins at the Historic Venice Train Depot in the Venice mainland and runs from there up to just south of Clark Road in Sarasota. Plenty of good scenery is available, especially from the bridges crossing Dona Bay, and Roberts Bay. A popular ride that combines both The Legacy Trail and the Venice trail is to start at Oscar Scherer Park in the Middle of the Legacy Trail and ride south toward Venice all the way to Shamrock park and back. You can also do the reciprocal ride by starting at Shamrock and going up to Oscar Scherer  and back. We offer free delivery to all of the trail head locations along the Venice bike trail, and all of them on The Legacy Trail from Legacy Park up to Osprey Junction.

Venice Waterway Park Trail (Mainland, and Island sections)

The Legacy Trail (Venice mainland to Osprey)


Image of Ladies Street Cruiser rental bike on one of the bike trails near venice florida
Lady's Street Cruiser Rental Bike on The Legacy Trail ©2014