The people in the Venice Florida area who have known us for these many years have become familiar with our free-delivery and pickup service for bike rentals and repairs, and really seem to like our business model. But many new customers are finding us online and we would like to take the opportunity to share some information about our simple and convenient rental process. Here's a short article about how to rent a bike from us.

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A Day-Ride is a bike rental that is delivered to you in the morning and picked up on the same day in the afternoon.

We can deliver rental bikes to day-ride customers at any of our trail-side delivery locations along the Venice Bike Trail and The Legacy Trail, but two of our favorite places to start a ride from are Oscar Scherer Park in the north section of the Legacy Trail, and Shamrock Park in the south section of the Venice Bike Trail (aka. Venetian Waterway Park Trail). Because they are in opposite directions from each other, it's a simple matter to ride from one park to the other for scenic day ride.

Sign at entrance to Oscar Scherer Park. ©2014

We've just gotten some new trikes in and they are available to rent.

One of the things that happens to us as we age is that we tend to develop some balance issues. (We even have a T-shirt that says, "I've fallen, and can't reach my beer!".) But we do still love cycling, and the outdoors, and the fresh air, and we simply don't want to give that up. Maybe we've even had to give up the use of a car, for whatever reason.

Adult trikes to the rescue!

One of our Adult Rental Trikes. ©2014

We have a lot of customers who have a vacation-home here in the Venice area, and also a main residence up north. And while their northern home has plenty of room for bike storage, their vacation home does not. We love for people to rent bikes from us, but sometimes renting for longer than a couple of weeks is impractical. Wouldn't it be great to have your own bike (or a second-bike) down here in Florida?

At Beach Bikes and Trikes we are pleased to provide our off season bike storage service for customers who don't have a place to store their bike while they are away. When you head back home, we'll come pickup your bike, and bring it back to you when you return.

High and Dry! Bikes storage service for the off-season. ©2014

Two common bicycle repairs that we perform at Beach Bikes and Trikes is spoke replacement and wheel-truing. Even though most wheel spokes are made from stainless steel, our salty Florida air seems to corrode them faster than in some other parts of the country. That's why we treat our rental bikes as fleet-vehicles, and make sure that our tires and rims are in good shape is part of a regular inspection process.

Using a spoke wrench to straighten a bent rim. ©2014

The eagles have landed! Recently (January 11) while riding on the Venetian Waterway Park Trail (aka Venice Bike Trail) we spotted some bald eagles nesting in the vicinity of Circus Bridge. Look for them near the area where the Venice trail goes in behind Darby Buick on the boardwalk. MAP

A Bald Eagle near the Legacy Trail in Venice Florida. ©2014

At Venice Bikes and Trikes one of the reasons we caution people to stay on the sidewalks and bike trails when riding one of our rental bikes is because 'everything in Florida has teeth', even the grass. If you've ever stepped on a sand-spur, you know what we're talking about. Not only is that little thorn as sharp as a needle, it is quite capable of drilling right into your tire and puncturing your inner-tube. Most of the flats we fix are due to puncture from sandspurs, but there are some things you can do to minimize their impact on your riding.

Sandspurs. The Flat Tire Culprit in Florida. ©2014
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