Bike Rental Rates

Basic Adult Bikes & Trikes Day Week Month
Hybrid, or 7-speed Street-Cruiser) $23 $60 $190
Adult Trikes $35 $85 $290
Tandem Bikes $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Bikes & Trikes Day Week Month
Recumbent Tandem $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Bike $50 $85 $290
Recumbent Trike $50 $85 $290
Stuff for Kids Day Week Month
Kids Bikes $18 $40 $80
Child-Trailer $20 $40 $140
Baby Seat (Attached to rental bike only) $30 $30 $90
Car Rack $15 $30 $90

Best Bicycle Rental Venice Florida

Best Bicycle Rental Venice Florida

We've been renting bikes, trikes, and recumbents to customers in Venice Florida for a long time. Every day we set out to prove to each customer that we are the best possible bike rental experience you can get. One way we do that is by maintaining our bikes by our own in-house bike repair mechanics, Mike and Jason. Before and after each ride they check each bike to ensure safety and reliability. Our rental bike fleet comes from the brand of bikes and trikes that we've sold for many years. Most of them have light-weight frames made from aluminum. They are sophisticated, with many speeds, but not complex. Choose from 7-speed street-cruisers. Or 21-Speed Hybrids, depending on what type of riding you want to do. Our on-time-delivery record is excellent. (Thank you Jason!) And yeah, it sounds like a brag to say so, but we are the best 2017 bicycle rental Venice Florida has to offer. Try us and you'll find that's no brag at all. And if we can't serve you for whatever reason we'll even send you to one of our competitors. Because it's more important to us that you get to ride than it is that we are the ones to serve you. We're confident that you'll be back. Serving Venice Florida, Nokomis, Casey and Manasota Keys, parts of Englewood and Osprey. Click here for BIKE RENTAL RATES


Ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida

Ride The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida over the pedestrian bridge over Hiway 41.

There are lots of ways to enjoy The Legacy Trail in Venice Florida. You can skate, walk, ride your bike, or rent one from us. In this article we'll visit some of the trail-head locations and talk a bit about the several excellent places to start out on your Day Ride adventure along The Legacy Trail.



Rent a Recumbent Bike or Trike in Venice Florida

Rent a Recumbent Bike in Venice Florida. Recumbent Bike for rent. Image copyright © 2016At Venice Bikes and Trikes love to ride recumbents. We now offer recumbent rental in Venice Florida so that you can zip around town like us! Years ago when you could ride the Venice bike trail and the Legacy Trail and not see another recumbent. These days you are almost guaranteed to see one on the trails. They are easy to ride and are much more comfortable than a regular bicycle.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 Season we will offer them for rent so that you can get a taste of what "riding a bent" is all about.



Bike Rental in Osprey Florida!

Young Osprey in pine tree. ©2016

We now serve bike rental and onsite repair to Ospreys (the people, not the birds!) And anyway, when was the last time you saw a bird riding a bicycle? (At Jungle Gardens, of course!)

Seriously though, our customers in Venice, Nokomis, Englewood, Casey Key, and Manasota Key know that we are the top-notch bike rental and on-site repair service in the region.




Flat Tires from Sandspurs

At Venice Bikes and Trikes one of the reasons we caution people to stay on the sidewalks and bike trails when riding one of our rental bikes is because 'everything in Florida has teeth', even the grass. If you've ever stepped on a sand-spur, you know what we're talking about. Not only is that little thorn as sharp as a needle, it is quite capable of drilling right into your tire and puncturing your inner-tube. Most of the flats we fix are due to puncture from sandspurs, but there are some things you can do to minimize their impact on your riding.

Test Ride an Adult Trike

We have some new trikes and they are available to rent. One of the things that happens to us as we age is that we tend to develop some balance issues. (We even have a T-shirt that says, "I've fallen, and can't reach my beer!".) But we do still love cycling, and the outdoors, and the fresh air, and we simply don't want to give that up. Maybe we've even had to give up the use of a car, for whatever reason. Adult trikes to the rescue!